Raw Materials

Natural, anallergic, comfortable, warm light and totally biodegradable: This is what Piumarte duvets are all about.
A warm, cosy dream, an investment in quality, beauty ad elegance that will last a lifetime

Piumarte guarantees the high quality of its products by applying the best manufacturing practise to the entire production cycle, from the acquisition of raw materials up to the final treatment and processing phases. This is a long and delicate process, which Piumarte follows with great attention and care. That’s why we can offer you the best in terms of warmth and cosiness. Our quilts and duvets are resistant to wear and tear and are able to maintain their unique properties unaltered over time.

Filling Piumarte selects only first –class raw materials: Goose feathers and down come from goose farms located in Hungary, Poland, Romania and France, where farmers follow the most ancient and renowned traditions in the sector. Geese are grown in an attentive and healthy environment in order to ensure their proper and vigorous growth, as this is a factor that positively affects the quality of their plumage.
For these reasons, European adult geese can boast a better plumage. In fact, it is more abundant, compact and flexible with a rich, silky appearance. Thanks to these unique characteristics, duvets with less fill will provide greater insulation.

We use only  100% pure first -class fabrics from Europe and Asia. Cotton, cotton twill, gabardine (tightly woven to avoid feathers from penetrating the surface), linen and satin.
Our duvets come in plain and multicoloured patterns, with a wide range of colour options to perfectly suit your individual taste and match the style of your home.

Natural latex of the finest quality is extracted from the Hevea Brasiliensis, a rubber tree that is found in Asian tropical rainforests, in particular, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. Natural latex of slightly inferior quality is also extracted from the Hevea Guianensis and from the Hevea Benthamiana and other rubber trees. Latex has extraordinary anti-bacterial properties. It is absolutely the most elastic natural material known today. One of its main characteristics is the natural and instantaneous ability to return to its original shape whenever subject to pressure or stretching. For this reason, it is the best material used for producing medical gloves or ergo-anatomic mattresses. Such extraordinary characteristics can be found only in human skin.

Latex mattresses and pillows are the best option for those who are allergic to dust mites. In fact, thanks to the excellent aeration properties of latex, the presence of moisture is very low because it evaporates quickly and as a result, dust mite growth is hindered. Recent studies carried out in the U.S.A. show that latex products are 3 times more resistant to dust mites compared to other commonly used materials.
Cases of allergic reactions to latex proteins were found in people who are habitually exposed to it (for example, frequent use of latex gloves), as well as in people who suffer from rare diseases. The allergic reaction may take up to 48 hours to develop.