Reliability of Made in Italy

Here at Piumarte we devote our talent and technology to creating the finest duvets and quilts which, apart from becoming your “lifetime companions”, are also your best allies when it comes to optimal sleeping comfort, thanks to their dreamlike warmth and super soft texture. This is our business philosophy and the values by which we are inspired. To achieve such results, Piumarte upholds the true “made-in-Italy” label, an added –value that ensures the highest quality standards with the aim of creating a product that is reliable and durable, aesthetically beautiful and sophisticated at the same time.

This is the key component to creating first quality duvets, allowing us to tip the scale toward excellence and away from mere normality.

Our raw materials come from all over the world based on their geographic specificity. This enables us to exploit the best materials on the market today. Our labour force is strictly Italian and all processing phases, from manufacturing to confectioning, are performed on the Italian territory, in full compliance with the national legislation in force.
Piumarte avails itself of the know-how, expertise and experience of Italian tailors that cut, sew and finish each item by hand, following the finest and most valuable artisan craftsmanship. The use of textile machines is reduced to the absolute minimum.

Wrap yourself up in pure elegance. Snuggle up in our our warm, cosy duvets, all crafted from the best Made in Italy tradition. That’s what sweet dreams are made of!